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See how your love helps save the lives of families in some of the world’s most forsaken places.


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1. Preparation 

Responding to God’s call, we ready our offerings to God. This includes confession and giving thanks by surrendering our life anew and giving our lives, money, and prayers as offerings.

2. Confession & Praise

Recognizing our weaknesses and God’s awesomeness.

3. Listening to the Word of God 

Through the Old Testament Prophets (1st Lesson), the psalms, the apostles (2nd Lesson or Epistle), and through Christ (the Gospel). Pastor delivers the Word in the language of the people.

4. Offering

Giving our time, talent and treasure as our commitment to Christ and to give to God a portion of what is given to us.

5. God’s Gift of Jesus

Holy Communion

6. Thanksgiving and Service 

Give thanks, pledge to serve. The remaining days of the week become our commitment/offering to God.

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