October 26, 2020

Pray for the Spirit to deepen our understanding of what being a Lutheran Christian means, through prayer, Scripture, reflecting on our creeds and teachings, being renewed and united through the sacraments, and opening ourselves to God’s voice and guidance in an ever-changing society and world.

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PUBLIC WORSHIP is at 8:00 and  11:00 a.m.   If you are comfortable coming to worship, you MUST call the church office from 9 a.m. to noon or 1p.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and speak directly with Jess for reservations.  If you call on these days and worship is filled for the upcoming Sunday, you will be the first on the list for the following week.  If you call on Thursday or Friday and there is room for the upcoming Sunday’s service, we will reserve your spot.  However, if worship for that Sunday is full, you will need to call the following week for a reservation. If you feel uncomfortable joining us for live worship but would like to celebrate communion, please call the church office and we will arrange for Pastor Jeff to bring it to you.


As we continue to navigate the corona virus crisis, and due to concerns with singing during worship (which we will continue), church council has set in place enhanced protocols for in-person worship:

  1. Congregants will still be required to call and make a reservation for worship (this is so we can keep our numbers under the self-imposed restriction of 49 and to assign seats for everyone to assure spacing and so we can use the space most efficiently).
  2. Singing will be limited to gathering hymn, hymn of the day and sending hymn
  3. Jessica, our awesome office manager, will be seating folks in every third row making sure 8:00 a.m. people sit in a different row than the late service.
  4. After the early service, used pews will be sanitized.
  5. Congregants are encouraged to wear their mask while singing.

Through much discussion and discernment, our church council has decided to increase the number of worshippers for each service to 75 (30% capacity) while continuing our socially distanced guidelines. We will do this by creating “pods” – small numbers of people who are comfortable sitting together. When you make your reservation, please let Jess know 1-3 people (touch base with them first J) who you would be comfortable sitting with. If you are not comfortable sitting with others, that’s OK!  Just let us know that when you call. Reservations are still required for each service and we will continue to wear masks into and out of the building and while singing. Thank you, as always, for your flexibility as we navigate this new normal.

WEDNESDAY NOON BIBLE STUDY is meeting in-person while properly social distancing in Niewoehner Hall each week. Come join us!

STEWARDSHIP – Thank you for your continued support of First Lutheran through offerings online, through your banks, and by mail – your gifts aSTEWARDSHIP:Thank you to everyone who has continued to support First Lutheran through offerings online, through your banks, in person and by mail – your gifts are a great help to the congregation. We understand that many people’s work and financial situations have been affected and/or are uncertain right now, but if you are in a position to continue your tithes and offerings to First, please do so.  While the forms of our ministry have changed in this time of COVID, the work of loving, caring for, and supporting our neighbors near and far continues in earnest.  Being good stewards of what God has entrusted us with, we continue to support missions and here in Warren and around the world through the ELCA.  This is what family does.  We are all in this together!  Thank you as always for the gifts you share, and the gift you are, to First Lutheran.re a great help to the congregation. We understand that many people’s work and financial situations have been affected and/or are uncertain right now, but if you are in a position to continue your tithes and offerings to First Lutheran, please do so  Thank you as always for the gifts you share, and the gift you are, to First Lutheran.

FOOD DISTRIBUTION We are partnering with Sysco and USDA Farmers to provide a second food distribution in October.  This is not  related to Produce Expresse and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis on Tuesday, October 27 between 2PM and 5PM (or while supplies last).

T.A.P (The Alleluia Program) 2020-2021! We will postpone our Wednesday after-school T.A.P. program for the time being.  The Christian Education committee will revisit this issue each month.  I will keep you updated on what is decided.  I am planning on having a Zoom meeting each Wednesday beginning on September 9th if there is enough interest.  Please call or email me with your contact information and let me know if your child(ren) are interested.

            If you have any questions please call Cheri at 723-6450 or cheri@flcwarren.com.

Sunday’s Cool is going to start back up again!!  But for now, it will be a little different.  We postpone Sunday’s Cool until further notice.  At your child(ren)’s baptism, you accepted the responsibility of teaching the faith to them.  In partnering with you, we will be mailing resources out to your child (ren) monthly.  We encourage you to use these teaching materials to pass on the faith to them.  Please email/call/text me your email and cell numbers because I and Cynthia will be doing some Zoom meetings together with the kids!  Once a month we will gather as a family and have a fun event that we can be together and still stay socially distanced.  In August we will be hosting a family movie outside.  I will be sending out post cards letting you know when.

We welcome all kids from the ages 3 years to 12th graders so if you know of any child to add to our list of awesome kids please call Cheri @ 723-6450 or cheri@flcwarren.com.